What are the insurance contract limits and exclusions?

Age of the insured person 19 - 70 years of age.

The insurance does not cover treatment intended to replace teeth that were missing before or on the date of commencement of the insurance contract.

The deductible paid by insured person for the insurance period is 50 € (bronze plan) or 100 € (silver and gold plan). The deductible is deducted from the first amount to be indemnified for the claim.

The cost of dental services that are not described in clause 11 of the terms and conditions of the insurance contract (Appendix A) or that are excluded in the terms and conditions.

Prophylactic procedures (dental inspection, descaling, cleaning, polishing, washing, fluorotherapy and the like).

Treatment intended to replace existing dental crowns, bridges, dentures or implants unless the treatment has been approved in advance.

Cosmetic treatment and treatment not clinically necessary.

The insurance cover applies to certain treatments (dental transplantation, crown (including semi-crown), inlay/onlay or bridge, implant, abutment, implant crown and other implant-related treatment services, a partial or total prosthesis (upper and lower jaw) only if prior confirmation has been asked before the start of such treatment.

Treatment fees reimbursed on the basis of the state dental benefit or another similar insurance, regardless of whether you claim these benefits from the state or another insurer or not.

Full list of exclusions is listed in Article 8 of Cavitas dental insurance terms and conditions AMT-1/2021.