How does the claim process look like?


The insured person receives dental treatment means insured event occurs

The insured person gets dental treatment at his/her preferred dental clinic.
The insured person pays the dental bill for the services provided and keeps a copy of the payment order.
The insured person fills in the form for submitting the insured event (downloadable from website or printed out from the Cavitas insurance contract terms and conditions document) on the basis of the medical bill or with the help of the dentist.

The insured person submits the documents to the claims handler

The insured person enters the claim portal through the website and uploads a copy of the dental invoice, the claim submission form and the payment order following the instructions on the screen.
It may take 2-3 weeks to process the claim.
The insured person can monitor the status of his / her claims handling process on the claims portal and if necessary communicate with the claims handler via messaging system and e-mail.

Compensation payment to insured person

The decision about the claim is announced in the indemnity notice, which is sent to the e-mail address of the insured person.
The insurance indemnity shall be received to the insured person the bank account within 5 working days from the day of receipt of the indemnity notice.
NB! Certain treatment is reimbursed only if the insured person has submitted a pre-authorisation form for such treatment (see clause 7.2 of the terms and conditions of the Cavitas dental Insurance terms and conditions).

You will find complete information about insured events, their submission and indemnification rules in Cavitas dental insurance terms and conditions AMT-1/2021 Article 7.